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NUTRITECH Athlete, Jason Smith of CrossFit Kyalami, shows the world that Africa has what it takes to be a threat at CrossFit Games 17.

Leading up to the Meridian Regional, we followed Jason’s “Road to The Games”. Showcasing blood, sweat and some damn hard work are what it takes to do what no one from Africa has done in the current CrossFit Games format, qualifying for the Reebok CrossFit Games.
Jason gives us a recap of his competitive experience at the 2017 Merdian Regional in Madrid and his plan going forward to the Reebok CrossFit Games.

“My goal going into this year’s Regionals was to aim high. I wanted to put myself in a good position after Day 1 to make Days 2 and 3 easier to qualify Top 5.”
“Day 1 started off very well, I placed 6th in Events 1 and 2, which put me in 3rd Place overall after Day 1. My goal now was to maintain this position throughout the weekend.”

“I knew most of the workouts were good for me, except one, Workout 4. It wasn’t my favorite, but I knew if that I’d put myself in a good position and could afford to drop a few points.”
“After Day 2 I was still lying in 3rd Place, but the points gap was a bit too close for my liking.”

“Day 3 was a good day for me, I knew I could do well at both workouts. I managed to take 3rd in the Workout 5, giving me a bit of breathing room heading into the final workout.”

“Going into the Finals, I hadn’t done the workout beforehand, not having a 70kg medicine ball at the gym. My plan was simple; go hard and recover on the burpees in order to get through the med. ball cleans without failing.”
“I think I finished my heat in 4th, but knew I had made it to the Games! It was one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever felt, something I have been working towards for 9 years. The year that the level of competition was at its highest, was the year I managed to qualify and getting a podium finish made it even more rewarding!”

What’s your training plan for the Games?
“I don’t think will change much, it has done me well to get me where I am, I will just be adding in a few of the Games movements to prepare better for the competition.

Are you looking forward to giving it a proper go?
For sure! I’m really looking forward to competing and representing our continent. I am hoping to do well and not only put South Africa, but Africa as a whole on the map at the 2017 CrossFit Games.”

The CrossFit Games 2017 will begin on the 3rd of August 2017 and runs for three consecutive days. Catch the live streaming of the Games on the CrossFit Games web page.